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What is Chain of Custody?

Once you have documents prepared for shredding, the process by which those documents leave your possession to the moment they are actually destroyed is considered chain of custody. Your facility must provide adequate protection of sensitive information from the time that it is stored to the time that it is destroyed, a break in the chain of custody can mean breaking the law.

To effectively manage a chain of custody, there should be a trusted individual in charge of records management who oversees how records are stored and kept. This can mean managing locked files for papers that need to be destroyed, monitoring areas with 24/7 video access, and keeping a log of what information is current or has met its retention period. This person or persons should then facilitate the destruction process, setting up a shred schedule and managing certificates of destruction after any and all shredding services have been completed.

Shredding has become a necessity for businesses who need to dispose of sensitive information in a compliant and safe manner. Compliance Shredding is fully versed in all of the document destruction laws and can help you effectively manage your chain of command.

Compliance Shredding is a simple, secure, stress-free way to dispose of confidential and proprietary information.

Our professional shredding services ensure protection of your sensitive information with document destruction and shredding for commercial or residential locations.

Whether you need recurring, scheduled or on-demand secure shredding services, Compliance Shredding can help!

Find out how we can provide peace of mind with best-in-class document destruction. Call for a free quote 1-800-375-3910

With our HQ based on Long Island, New York, we currently service:

New York 

New Jersey



Rhode Island  

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