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Our selection of lockable consoles, carts, and desk-side collection containers allow for easy and efficient paper collection.



  • Wood Finish Options

  • Dimensions: 36″H x 21.5″W x 16″D

  • Empty Weight: 50 lbs

  • Self closing lock (One Key Solution)

  • Anti phishing paper deflector, prevents the possibility of tampering with documents

  • Metal striker, with anti-pry device for securing the console door

  • CARBII Compliant

Compliance Shredding bin.jpg

Document bin

  • Available in 32 Gallon, 64 Gallon and 95 Gallon sizes

  • Internal Patented Lockjaw™ locking system (One Key Solution)

  • Anti-phish ridge prevents the possibility of tampering with documents. Ridge secures paperwork away from prying hands

  • Rounded corners provide extra rigidity and security to prevent tampering

  • Reverse Molded Paper Slot – no need to back in cart

  • 12” rubber wheels non-marking with 7/8” axle for added strength

  • CARBII Compliant

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